Coverings for the meat processing branch

Floor coverings for the food enterprises are an important element of ensuring high level of hygiene, continuous processes and occupational safety. The specialized coverings of Quartzline for the meat processing enterprises solve the problems related to the intensive utilization and wear-out.

In each meat processing enterprise the processes that take place are related to eliminating fats, using lots of water, treating with degreasers and chemical products. Frequent practice is to have sharp temperature floor amplitudes. Mechanical load takes place every day and frequently meat trolleys are being used, pallet trolleys, forklifts and other equipment and appliances. Usually metal and sharp objects are thrown down and this results in floor coverings’ destruction.

Quartzline could offer the suitable solutions for the meat processing companies. The company team would select the suitable cover for each client and would lay the specialized coverings.

The advantages of the Quartzline coverings are for enterprises in the meat processing branch:

  • Intended for the food industry – with rounded edges and without gaps,
  • These allow for washing with water and steam jets,
  • They are sustainable to high chemical and acidic aggression,
  • They make the smooth movement with high loads possible,
  • Sustainable to hits and wear-out,
  • They have anti-slippery effect and create the prerequisites for occupational safety,
  • They are capable of sustaining significant thermal shocks,
  • Provide the opportunity to lay them onto partially damaged floors,
  • Versatility of covers and colours,
  • Coverings provided with guarantee.

Finalized projects in meat processing enterprises that have coverings made by Quartzline:

  • Delikates Zhitnitsa – 8 000 square meters
  • Nature Vita – 2 000 square meters
  • МИК, Macedonia – 1 00 square meters
  • PEKABESKO, Macedonia – 12 000 square meters
  • KOKO D – 3 000 square meters
  • KEN – 7 000 square meters
  • Boni Oborot Holding – 1 000 square meters
  • Bravo – 2 000 square meters
  • Tandem – 300 square meters
  • Unitemp- 2 500 square meters