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Quartzline delivers and performs industrial and decorative floor coverings.

Diversity of covers for various manufacturing processes and activities – meat processing, bakery and confectionary, milk processing, parking lots, warehouses, offices, public buildings, houses etc. High quality and guarantee for the floor covering.

The production of food and drinks requires high level of hygiene and durability of floor covering subjected to intensive load and cleanup.


Quartzline offers solutions for public parking lots and for coverings of the garages to family houses. Floor coverings are sustainable to petroleum products and do not allow slipping.


The Quartzline products provide the opportunity of versatile colours and shapes. Sand carpets are the preferable floor covering for stores, hotels, restaurants, offices and homes.


What would make you prefer the Quartzline coverings?

1. Durable to intensive use

The floor coverings of Quartzline are intended for intensive load and are sustainable to mechanical impact, wear-out and hits. Coverings’ robustness is suitable for plants, stores, parking lots, public areas, as well as for your home and office.

The product range includes versatile materials for the various types of premises.

2. Easy cleanup

Floor coverings do not allow covering pores getting filled up with fine dust, oils or production raw materials. Materials’ structure makes it possible to use water and strong products to achieve faster and easier cleaning.

3. Sustainable to chemicals

In order to maintain floors’ cleanliness and hygiene we should frequently use chemical products and acids. Quartzline coverings are sustainable to aggressive cleaning products and they allow cleaning with water and steam jets.

4. They possess anti-slippery effect

Wetting and cleaning floor coverings could make them slippery to people, forklifts or vehicles. Quartzline coverings prevent these dangers and ensure the stable passage and cut down the injury level.

5. Colour selection

The Quartzline products provide rich selection of colours. The materials make it possible to use several colours in complicated patterns and inscriptions.

6. Guarantee

High quality German materials and their accurate application make us offer guarantee period for the floor coverings from 5 to 10 years, depending on the selected products.

The client-oriented policy of Quartzline is about taking due cares of the coverings being laid. Regular inspections are being performed with the timeliest possible elimination when there are damages resulting from mechanical hits and deformations during their use.



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