Coverings for the tin and processing industry

Quartzline has floor coverings that are intended for laying in the tin and processing industry. In these branches we have exceptionally aggressive operational environment in terms of coverings. Most fruit and vegetables throughout their processing emit highly acidic juices that result in floor corroding effect. In practice we have seen operational non-protected concrete bases with “bare” reinforcement due to processing our favourite peppers, tomatoes, cherries and sour cherries. The combination of raw materials, water, salt, products and others is a daily routine and it requires the necessary counter actions. The objective of Quartzline is to construct floor system that is sustainable to the abovementioned aggressive environment.

The floor coverings we offer have numerous advantages to the tin and processing industry:

  • Easy and rapid cleanup,
  • Sustainability to chemical products and acids,
  • These allow for washing with water and steam jets,
  • It allows for the safe work thanks to its anti-slippery effect,
  • Sustainable to hits and wear-out,
  • Provide the opportunity to lay them onto partially damaged floors,
  • Versatility of covers and colours,
  • Guarantee.

Enterprises of the branch Tin and processing industry, with floor coverings provided by Quartzline:

  • Rodina, Popovo – 1 400 square meters,
  • Ecoplod-BG, Veliko Tarnovo – 400 square meters,
  • Zhivkovi – 1 000 square meters,
  • Vega Star, Byala Slatina – 200 square meters,
  • ROSA JSC, Popovo – 350 square meters,
  • Factory Peltina, Iskar – 2 000 square meters,