About us

Who are we?

After 11 years of lots of work Quartzline turned into the market leader for industrial and decorative floor coverings. The hundreds of thousands of square meters laid in the various sectors of industry and everyday life, are our visit card. We would like to thank everybody that trusted us and chose working together with us.

With an experienced team, powerful equipment, new technologies and new way of thinking we are ready to assist you in your new projects.

What you can expect from us:

  • Short performance deadlines,
  • Quality coverings with high guarantee,
  • The most cost efficient floor system in view of the particular site,
  • Free consulting on all stages,
  • Maintenance and rapid service.

Coverings of over 300 000 square meters

In its eleven years of work the company has laid over 300 000 square meters of industrial floors. The greatest number of projects was implemented in the meat processing enterprises, milk processing enterprises, bakery, confectionary etc. The leading companies in these branches are clients of Quartzline. Company products are in full conformity with the high requirements towards these enterprises when it comes to hygiene levels, good manufacturing practices and implementation of the system НАССР.

The company uses know-how from the Netherlands and Germany where people rely on the massive and thick floor coverings. Coverings could be laid in new enterprises, as well as in premises with destroyed and compromised foundations of all types – concrete, putty, terracotta etc.

The package of Quartzline products provides the opportunity to consider the characteristics of the business of each and every client and offer various solutions. In each enterprises we could implement more than one system in view of the purpose of the various premises. The company has solutions for the food industry, warehouses, shops, pharmaceuticals, underground parking lots, hotels, offices, as well as for home. In view of its products applicability it holds the necessary certificates and provides its clients with profitable guarantee terms and conditions.

Quartzline has qualified specialists and fleet making it possible for it to lay in quality and rapid manner large volume of heavy, industrial, chemical and thermal resistant floors. The use of materials produced by the company makes the company products unique and actually unlimited in colour range. The exceptionally good connection to the old floor is achieved thanks to the uncompromised Dutch technology for the base preparation and laying the main floor covering.

Company policy is directed in the long term, and our objective is to prepare quality floor coverings, good reputation and European standard.