Decorative coverings

The ever developing interior design is looking for new solutions and colour and material combinations. The architects resort to non-standard innovative visions. Exceptional success in recent years was achieved by the sand carpets by Quartzline. These are applicable in the classical combination of natural materials from wood, leather and stone. The sand carpets of Quartzline impart cosiness feeling and get the human back to his or her natural environment.

The decorative coverings for floors are suitable for being laid in offices, stores, catering places, restaurants, hotels, homes and many more. Quartzline has broad colour range from smooth self-pouring systems and sand carpets.
The coverings make it possible to combine several colours onto floors and in-build styled pictures and logos. Their robustness and durability to intensive use makes them the preferable choice when being used in public buildings and commercial centres.

The fans of the avant-garde design are presented by Quartzline with interesting applications of the products in houses and residences.

Photographs with some of the finalized projects with decorative coverings by Quartzline:

For offices

For public buildings

For stores