Coverings for manufacturing premises and warehouses

Thanks to the Quartzline products floor coverings were made for manufacturing premises, halls, workshops, plants, warehouses of the light, heavy, chemical and other industries in numerous sites in Bulgaria and abroad. The enterprises included in this group usually start their operations right on ground concrete coverings. As time passes by, concrete manifests their shortcomings that are about the following:
Dusting up the surface layer as a result of mechanical friction that results in polluted production, dusty commodities, unhealthy occupational conditions for the workers;
Demolishing the gaps that got cut through when laying the concrete covering, resulting in hindered and risky movement of the pallet trolleys, forklifts and other lifting devices;
Oiling and polluting with chemical products because of the porous concrete foundation and the impossibility to eliminate the soaked in fluids and others.

The solutions of Quartzline for eliminating the abovementioned problems are implemented in two basic directions:

Preventively – Right after laying the concrete foundation, the latter should be protected by the thin-layered systems Quartzline considering the characteristics of the production processes going on in the enterprise – mechanical load, chemical and thermal aggression. Fitting the Quartzline systems at that stage is a matter of long-term perspective when it comes to operating the floors and investor’s budget.

Follow-up – After the abovementioned problems occur, undertaking repairing actions with the protective floor systems of Quartzline. In this case the inconvenience of laying the fine protective coverings being performed in already operational enterprise should be considered.

Quartzline projects implemented in manufacturing processes, warehouses, halls, workshops and plants:

  • Aviation hall near Sofia Airport – 5 000 square meters,
  • Ficosota Bulgaria, Shumen – 1 500 square meters,
  • SEBN Cables plant – 9 000 square meters,
  • EMKA, Sevlievo – 1 000 square meters,
  • Agropolychim, Devnia – 500 square meters,
  • Kalinel, Troyan, IKEA supplier – 3 000 square meters,
  • Plant for battery packs EnerSys – 1 000 square meters,
  • VOLKSWAGEN Bulgaria,
  • AUDI Bulgaria,
  • Vegetable exchange Slatina – 500 square meters,
  • Biodiesel, Slivo pole – 1 000 square meters,