Coverings for the milk processing branch

Quartzline offers high quality floor coverings for the enterprises in the milk processing branch that ensure long-term and safe use.

Milk processing and the production of dairy products are prerequisites for the occurrence of aggressive environment towards the floors. The intensive work results in several frequent problems:

  • Conditions for bacteria development,
  • Slippery floor,
  • Daily use of salt and chemical products that compromise the covering,
  • Significant temperature amplitudes,
  • Mechanical load.

The selection of specialized covering for this branch is especially important for overcoming the abovementioned problems. The floor laid by Quartzline makes it possible to maintain good hygiene, while preventing the penetration of dirt and its rapid cleanup. The prerequisites for the development of microbes and bacteria are almost null. The main task of the covering laid by Quartzline is to ensure safe and non-bacterial occupational environment

The advantages of the Quartzline coverings are for enterprises in the milk processing branch:

  • They are in conformity with the requirements for food production – with rounded edges and without gaps and bacteria,
  • They are sustainable to chemical products and acidic aggression,
  • These allow for washing with water and steam jets,
  • ОThey make the smooth movement with high loads possible,
  • They have anti-slippery effect and create the prerequisites for occupational safety,
  • Sustainable to wear-out and mechanical impact,
  • They do not get destroyed by significant thermal amplitudes,
  • They are capable of sustaining significant thermal shocks,
  • Provide the opportunity to lay them onto partially damaged floors,
  • Versatility of covers and colours.

Finalized projects in milk processing enterprises that have coverings made by Quartzline:

  • DANON – 2 000 square meters,
  • Creamery Lesidren – 1 400 square meters,
  • Dairy enterprise Karlovo – 2 000 square meters,
  • Creamery Montana – 500 square meters,
  • Monita, Dimitrovgrad – 100 square meters.