Coverings for beverage production

The experience we have accumulated in laying coverings in enterprises for producing and bottling soft drinks, mineral water, wine and beer is the reason for Quartzline to be extremely precise when selecting the floor system. Accelerated slopes in the base, numerous dewatering elements, use of lots of water and products require reliable and long-standing solution.

Some of the advantages of the Quartzline coverings are:

  • Coverings durability and robustness,
  • Sustainability to chemical and acidic aggression,
  • It allows for the safe work thanks to its anti-slippery surface,
  • Sustainable to wear-out,
  • Provide the opportunity to lay them onto partially damaged floors,
  • Coverings provided with guarantee.

Clients in the branch of beverages production that have coverings laid by Quartzline:

  • Mineral water Gorna Banya – 2 000 square meters,
  • Coca-cola Bulgaria– 1 800 square meters,
  • Kamenitza – 1 500 square meters,
  • Fruit juices VIVA, Macedonia – 2 000 square meters,
  • Brewery Britos – 4 000 square meters.