Coverings for the bakery and confectionary branch

The quality floor coverings in the branch of bakery and confectionary promote the high hygiene of the production areas, cut down the repairs and ensure occupational safety of the personnel.

Quartzline coverings are in conformity with the main criteria for industrial floor:

  • Easy cleanup – the production of bakery products often results in the relocation of fine flour residues with water that get stuck in the floor and are hard to eliminate;
  • Safety and non-slippery features – the production of confectionary products is related to fatty products falling onto the floor;
  • Mechanical sustainability – in this branch we have medium load, but it is usually performed with small-wheeled trolleys and high point pressure.
  • Chemical and acidic durability – daily use of degreasers and cleaning products is mandatory, but it is aggressive towards the floor.
  • Sustainability to sharp temperature differences – the production in this branch is related to thermal processing and use of furnaces from which trolleys with wheels heated up to 250 С go out.

The enterprises for the branch of bakery and confectionary that trusted the floor coverings and experience of Quartzline:

  • Mondelez, Svoge – 2000 square meters,
  • Confectioneries Nedelya – 1 800 square meters,
  • Bread factory Kardzhali – 1 000 square meters,
  • Savimex, Dobrich – 3 000 square meters,
  • Zaharni Zavodi AD, Gorna Oryahovitsa – 2 500 square meters,
  • Pchela – 200 square meters,
  • Fornetti, Ihtiman – 200 square meters,
  • Miss Kapriz – 200 square meters,
  • Vita Foods – 1 600 square meters.